Meet the Team

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is the General Manager of Glazebrook Station as well as Poronui Lodge in the North Island and also runs Westervelt's manuka honey business. He is a wildlife biologist, highly experienced hunter and a keen advocate for long term land and resource management. Glazebrook is his passion and with his deep understanding of what makes an unforgettable hunting experience, he has developed the property into a true hunter's paradise. He is married to Tracey and has three children.

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David Evans

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Dave is the property manager at Glazebrook and has been farming since he left school. Dave has worked at properties all around the South Island and is now home leasing the family farm - a 3,700ha high country property called Stronvar adjacent to Glazebrook Station and running merino sheep and angus cattle.

Dave is a keen hunter, mainly of deer, pigs, goats, chamois and ducks. He has also hunted wallaby in South Canterbury and deer in North Mexico. He gets around - not only has Dave played over 70 rugby games for Marlborough (the Red Devils) - including 2 Ranfurly Shield challenges and a international vs Fiji, he played as a professional in Northern Ireland for 2 seasons. Lucky for us he has now retired and is available to guide at Glazebrook when required!

Snow Hewetson

Snow has over thirty years hunting experience and has successfully hunted all New Zealand game animals other than rusa and wapiti. He has taken several record book tahr trophies including a 14 inch bull that earned a bronze medal from the NZ Deerhunting Association. In addition to his obvious experience, Snow is a Hunts Course instructor with NZDA, has a diploma in Outdoor Leadership (Hunts), a certificate in Outdoor Leadership (Maintaining Safety) and a certificate in Outdoor Leadership (Bush Instructor). He is a Range Officer and a 4WD driver training specialist. Snow has been guiding for eight years and really enjoys meeting and working with people from all walks of life.

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David Griffiths

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Dave Griffiths lives in Blenheim with his wife Ness and two children. He fits his guiding around his career as a builder. Dave has hunted his whole life, particularly throughout the South Island and Stewart Island. He has successfully hunted red stag, fallow buck, white tail deer, tahr, chamois and wild boar. Having hunted extensively himself, he now enjoys the challenge of guiding and the opportunity to meet fellow hunters. In his spare time Dave loves spending time with family, hunting and spear fishing with friends.

Mike Darling

Like many New Zealanders Mike grew up hunting, from small game to the coveted trophies. He has hunted successfully throughout New Zealand and his passion for the sport has also taken him overseas. The more challenging the hunt the more Mike enjoys it, particularly the Glazebrook country. Mike has been coming to Glazebrook from the beginning and knows the property like the back of his hand. Snow or shine, Mike can put you in the best place to glass across the valley and put trophy red stag, wild boar or fallow buck in your sights.

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Tom Loughlin

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A descendant of the Central North Island Maori, Tom enjoys sharing the Maori view of the outdoors when guiding. ‘Look after the land and it will look after you’ is a saying from his father and has been a strong guiding influence. Hunt with Tom and you will also be able to learn how the Maori existed in early New Zealand, how they kept their culture and traditions alive for centuries and how they gathered, stored and cooked native food. Tom is very experienced guide and hunter and is warm and compassionate with a keen sense of humour.

Nicola Mullen (Nic)

Nic has lived in Marlborough since she was eight and for the past 12 years has lived up Waihopai Road near Glazebrook Lodge with her husband Anthony and four children. Nic will be your host and will manage every detail of your stay. She loves cooking fresh hearty food for everyone to enjoy and is happy to accommodate any special requirements with her ever-present warm and welcoming smile. 

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