Not for the faint hearted, Glazebrook is a vast private estate with 25,000 acres of rugged natural beauty that will at once challenge and inspire the passionate hunter. Nothing can prepare you for the Glazebrook hunting experience - rugged and unspoilt, this isolated high country station will simply take your breath away.

Hunt in an awe-inspiring wilderness that time has forgotten and man has not yet fully explored.  Spot animals from afar before stalking in close to the trophy of your choice. Glazebrook is rapidly becoming a favourite destination of hunters from Australia and around the world.

You’ll need to be fit to stalk a roaring red stag on the steep scree slopes, or track a fallow buck through scrubby native forest.  And you’ll need the utmost patience to spot the wary chamois in the rocky basins beneath the snow-clad mountainous peaks.  But it’s an experience you will never forget. 

The hunting season begins in late February and continues to the end of August. Our guides are high country specialists and work tirelessly to put you in the right place at the right time. 

For those in search of the ultimate trophy, Glazebrook’s game estate offers over 3000 acres of extreme hunting, including trophy red stag and fallow buck. Chamois are hunted from the snow-capped mountain peaks, fully-guided and accessible by helicopter.

And at the end of a hard days hunting relax in our lodge nestled into a steep slope high above the headwaters of the Waiopahi River, and enjoy gourmet meals and fine wine.  Try your hand at any of the outdoor activities on offer including fly fishing, field archery and target shooting, or simply absorb the deafening sounds of utter silence.

Stand in awe of nature at her elemental best, yet leave feeling king of the mountains.  Step back in time and enjoy hunting the way it used to be.

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