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Glazebrook – A unique experience

Glazebrook stands out from most other properties as a hunting destination. In fact it’s quite unique. How do we know that? Our guests show us by coming back year after year. That’s highly unusual for hunting destinations as most follow a one and done trend. What makes Glazebrook different?

The first thing is its size and rugged nature. At 9,000 HA of mountainous terrain there is always more to see and explore and it really is exploration. The more time you spend there it unlocks a little more of the Glazebrook personality.

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It’s challenging country and hunting. This ideally suits the guests who regularly visit. Typically they are Australian and New Zealand hunters who are seeking a true hunt. They want to be physically tired at the end of the day and Glazebrook will certainly do that while providing the benefits of a quality lodge to recuperate

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It is a hunter’s property. A wide range of species from red deer, fallow, chamois, pigs, goats, hares, rabbits to Canada geese and quail. Game is plentiful and excellent trophies are being taken regularly. Big, heavy reds and surprisingly good fallow are now featuring regularly. It’s reminiscent of New Zealand in the 60’s - well before helicopters. During the rut the roar of stags or croak of bucks does keep you awake at night! If a hunter gets a trophy early there is still plenty to hunt and do.

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Its big open country. There’s nothing that beats sitting up high and glassing for animals before planning a stalk or just enjoying the landscape. Unfortunately opportunities in country like this are becoming less and less as more high country properties are sold and planted in pine trees. The unique Marlborough high country is unfortunately steadily diminishing.

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A perfect place for a group. Four hunters will have it to themselves! With many groups locking in the next year before they leave it’s becoming harder to find an opening. The fallow rut which goes through until May extends the opportunity for an exciting rut hunt. There is also great spring hunting. The weather is good and it’s possible to get some meat for the summer while also hunting pigs and goats or climbing high for a chamois trophy.

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Glazebrook Station is no longer such a well-kept secret as a steadily increasing number of hunters head up the Waihopai Valley. It just pay to book early!

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