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Fudd Q, West Australia

Hunting at Glazebrook was an experience that I’ll remember for a long time to come, the free range hunting was fantastic with the Red Stags, Fallow and pigs in abundance. The wild South Island scenery and cold mountain air gives you that sense of calm that only comes from being away from it all. The guides are very knowledgeable and certainly work hard to ensure you go home with the trophy you’re after, they can cater the hunting around you with a four wheeler allowing access to the higher tops on the station.  This also allows you to make your hunts as easy or as hard as you like, because as spectacular as it is, the terrain is unforgiving to those that are physically challenged.Accommodation is very nice with plenty of hot water and heating to relax weary muscles after a day in the hills, which makes a welcome change from always having roughed it in a camp. The food served is enough to feed a small army and the service is second to none.I’d thoroughly recommend a hunt at Glazebrook to anyone and I for one will definitely be back to do it all again.  Hot barrels!

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Dave D, New Zealand

Glazebrook has that rare combination of the backblocks with the BIG country and the comfort of a great lodge at the end of a big day. It’s a unique place with fantastic hunting opportunities for those that want to put in the effort; you can be rewarded with a trophy to remember. With big pigs, big deer and some nice trout in the streams there’s a lot on your plate.

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James B, Australia

Hunting at Glazebrook is truly an amazing experience. The terrain is challenging but incredibly spectacular and the quality and number of game is outstanding. There was never a dull moment with the professional guides filling every waking minute. The scenery at lodge at Glazebrook was amazing – there is nothing like coming back from a day’s hunting to a warm shower and a cracking a bottle of NZ Pinot! Glazebrook has so much to offer - you could spend a year there and uncover new things every day – you will not want to leave!

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Mark Van M, Queensland, Australia

Unique and unforgettable would best describe my Glazebrook hunting experience. Our hosts - although professional guides - were fellow hunters who knew exactly how to meet our expectations for our time there. The lodge had all the comforts required after a weary day exploring and stalking through the hills and valleys. I found the scenery breathtaking, from the hillside location of the lodge, to the upper reaches of the higher ridges and the pristine fast flowing river system that divides the hills and valleys across the property. My eyes were fixed to my binoculars for a whole week, with the constant spotting of free ranging game of all descriptions. Our red stag trophies at the end of the hunt more than met our expectations and will guarantee fond memories of the our adventure for many years to come. I highly recommended a Glazebrook hunting and NZ wilderness experience, I am planning a return trip next year perhaps for a trophy Fallow this time!

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Bruce V, VA, USA

My cousin Gerry and I had a fantastic time hunting at Glazebrook that greatly exceeded our expectations. The stunning scenery, plentiful game, excellent guide, pleasant housekeeper/cook, very comfortable lodge, good food and smooth communications all made it a real joy to hunt in New Zealand. While the terrain was very challenging for a couple guys around 50 it was manageable, as we could make use of tracks that range over the property. We found the 23,000 acres at Glazebrook, which is surrounded by some 80,000 acres of public land, gave us plenty of room to hunt. The combination of open slopes mixed with pockets of scrub and some open flats along the Waihopia river were great for both keeping the game on the property and giving opportunities to spot and stalk game.

Our guide Snow was a real pleasure to hunt with and was good at being able to gauge our abilities and structure the hunt accordingly, while also taking into account our thoughts. We were able to spot and stalk as well as set up on active slopes to get our deer. We also had a bit of luck in ambushing deer as we moved around. The property is managed so there is not too much hunting pressure - allowing for plenty of deer and some really great heads. We found excellent animals close by the lodge as well as farther away.

The property also offers great potential to get both Red Stag and Fallow that my Cousin and I were keen to do. We caught the tail end of the Red’s roar and the peak of the Fallow croak which we found to be an excellent time if you are after both. The Red Stags we got far exceeded what we thought we might get from a free range hunt and the Fallow we got were very nice representative heads as well. There were also plenty of goats, geese and some wild boar for a bit of fun after we both got our deer. In short, Glazebrook is a beautiful mountainous valley property with excellent hunting that we thoroughly enjoyed. I am happy to act as a reference for any who are thinking of a free range hunt at Glazebrook.

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Gerald M, USA

My experience at Glazebrook was great from beginning to end. The property was huge, picturesque and loaded with wild game. The accommodations were 5 star all the way, and the cook, Nicolette, was great. Finally, Snow (our guide), really made the hunt. He was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and just fun to be around. I am planning to come back again and would like to bring along my son. My cousin, who also joined us on the hunt, is already talking about another hunt too.



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