Glazebrook – a special part of the high country

At many hunting lodges clients typically visit once, shoot their trophy and then move on to hunt elsewhere, often targeting other species.  There is obviously something quite different about hunting at Glazebrook then as this is not generally what occurs.  Most hunting parties return for more than one year – even the overseas hunters.  Some groups have now hunted four years or more!  What is so different about Glazebrook?

One obvious aspect is the scale of the property and its challenging nature.  At almost 9,000 ha in size there is plenty of area to explore.  It is magnificent, rugged country which means you always must have your wits about you and being fit helps!  Hunters can go at it hard if they choose knowing they will be well fed and rested before the next day.  No matter how often hunters return there is always more to get to know.

The property suits groups of hunters who then get the whole property to themselves.  Being remote allows everyone to totally unwind.  They can enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that they won’t be running in to other hunters.

Game is plentiful and there is a range of species including reds, fallow, pigs, chamois, goats, small game and game birds and trout in the river.  The stags keep you awake with their roaring during the rut and it’s not often you can’t locate an animal or two if you put time in behind the binoculars.  Some great stags are shot, and the fallow herd is improving steadily.  At the end of the day though it’s not just shooting deer that sets Glazebrook apart.  It’s the combination of factors that gives Glazebrook its own special character and provides that special experience. 

The regular return of hunters does create its own special problem though it’s a good problem!  The openings, particularly in March and April fill up quickly!  Hunters wanting to target the rut do need to get in early.  The other option is to consider opportunities at other times whether that be a chamois/stag hunt in May or early June or a meat hunting trip in spring combined with fishing.

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