Fallow are a striking deer and an exceptional trophy.

Characterised by broad palmated antlers, more in keeping with moose than the other deer species, Fallow are a striking deer and have flourished in New Zealand since introduced from Europe in 1864. While the fallow croak is not as intimating as the roar of a red stag, their aggression is unsurpassed. They fight with incredible ferocity causing nasty injuries or even death. This aggression makes them vulnerable during the rut and they will often come in to a hunters croak or rattling of antlers. Mature bucks tend to be very secretive during the remainder of the year – they don’t get to be old by accident! It’s no surprise that the majority of trophies are shot during the month of April.

Seasonal Availability

Fallow rut early-April until the beginning of May and are particularly aggressive during this time. They have a distinctive croak noise instead of a roar and can be one of the most challenging species to hunt.

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