Bull Tahr is a challenging trophy to hunt.

The Tahr or Himalayan Mountain Goat has made the central Southern Alps its home since its introduction in the early 1900’s. Renowned for their strength and stamina the Bull Tahr is a challenging trophy to hunt particularly when the nature of the habitat they occupy is taken in to account. Large bulls reach 300lbs in weight and are immensely powerful.

Hunts are carried out using spot and stalk techniques, glassing animals from a distance before stalking in on foot. Access is by a combination of 4WD, UTV and walking.

When to hunt Tahr

May and June is the rut period for Tahr and a great time to hunt as animals mob up, making it possible to view multiple trophy bulls at one time. While they can be hunted all year round they make a spectacular trophy during the winter months due to their heavy coats with big capes and silvery mane.

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