Wild Pigs
Wild pigs and boar at Glazebrook are a worthy adversary.

Glazebrook is home to good numbers of wild pigs. Unlike most other locations, we don’t hunt with dogs. As a result, the animals are quieter and occupy more open country. This makes it possible for rifle hunters to have a good opportunity to obtain a trophy by traditional spot and stalk technique. Don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security though. Wild pigs are highly thought of in New Zealand as a game animal, being particularly cunning, tough and cantankerous. A worthy adversary.

Seasonal Availability

Pig hunting at Glazebrook is available all year round. Amongst the healthy population living here are some truly big boars. These are Marlborough, northern South Island pigs descended from a range of liberations. Most are black in colour but it’s not unusual to see black and tan or blue/grey animals.

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